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Basic With Udo - JB Section on 15th April 2017

Basic With Udo Basic With Udo Basic With Udo
Basic With Udo Basic With Udo Basic With Udo

Philosophy toward Food and Nutrition

22nd - 24th July 2016

FIT For Life Health Fair

4th ~ 6th May 2016

Today Baby's Expo

3rd ~ 6th March 2016

“宝贝,你怎么了?“  健康工作坊 - 特邀著名儿科医生: 余国华医生(Dr Yee Kok Wah)

日期:2015 年12 月6 日 (星期日)
地点:Grand Paragon Hotel , JB

展览会 2015 Mum & Baby Expo 妈妈宝宝

30-31 October & 01 November 2015 @ Danga City Mall

Mum & Baby Expo 妈妈宝宝展览会 2015

27-29 March 2015 @ Danga City Mall

Dealer Health Education Seminar:" Nutrition in Late Adulthood - Good Mobility.Good Sensation.Quality Life"

经销商保健教育讲座 :"后壮年期的营养保健- 能动 . 能感受 . 能生活"

21 April 2013

Mum & Baby Expo 妈妈宝宝展览会 2013

22-24 March 2013 @ Danga City Mall

4th Quarter Dealer Health Education Seminar: 
"True Beauty Starts from the Inside"

第三季度经销商保健教育讲座 :"从里到外都美丽"

4 Novermber 2012

Mum & Baby Expo 妈妈宝宝展览会 2012

5-7 Oct 2012@Danga City Mall

3rd Quarter Dealer Health Education Seminar:“Eat Your Way to be a Healthy and Beautiful Mother-To-Be, Your Baby Too”

第三季度经销商保健教育讲座 :“吃出一个美丽与健康的准妈妈, 生出一个快乐与健康的宝贝!”

22nd July 2012
We invited Senior Nutritionist Ms Joanne Chee from Basic Health & Beauty to talk about pregnant mother and infant nutritional requirement.
Basic Health & Beauty 的资深营养师 Ms Joanne Chee 主讲,为经销商讲解有孕妇与婴儿的营养需求。


第二季度经销商保健教育讲座 :“部落的净化配方-揭开它在癌症管理中鲜为人知却必须让大家知道的事实” 

22nd April 2012

The seminar was conducted by Senior Nutritionist Ms Joanne Chee from Basic Health & Beauty to talk about a body detox program and the application of health products.
Basic Health & Beauty 的资深营养师 Ms Joanne Chee 主讲,为经销商讲解有关排毒的课题及保健品的应用。


Organic Chateau Product Cooking Demonstration and Health Talk

We also organized cooking demonstration activity in our retailers’ organic shops. We have invited Mrs. Adeline Ooi as the cooking instructor. She has been a qualified pharmacist meanwhile she also has completed the professional culinary course from International Home Cookery School.

A health talk was given by Ms Teh Go Wait about women health after the cooking demonstration. Ms Teh is a registered pharmacist in Malaysia and Taiwan, she has nearly 20 years experience in the field of medical research in the journal writing.

我们也参与了在有机店举办的现场烹饪示范活动。烹饪导师为鄭御英女士,她是一名合格药剂师,同时也拥有国际HOME COOKERY SCHOOL专业烹饪文凭。



Green Land Natural Health Food 绿坊有机健康食品 (2011年10月29日)


Sister Green Shop 姐妹健康食品店 (2011年10月29日)


Green Field Organic House 绿园有机坊(2011年10月30日)




We invited lecturer Ms Lee Hua from Taiwan to talk about food additive, genetically modified food and Nano technology health product.

Yoji Organic House, Melaka- 6th August 2011




Basic Nutrition Tutorial Class 
“营养学,轻松学”- 营养学入门讲习课

In year 2011, we conducted a basic nutrition tutorial class which was targeted for public. The main purpose of the class was to provide a channel for public to learn about basic nutrition knowledge in order to improve their health and quality of life. This basic nutrition tutorial class was divided into 4 series with different topics. We have invited Mr. Stanley Too, an senior lecturer in nutrition course as our class instructor. Mr. Stanley Too has been the lecturer of the “Canada Alive Academy of Natural Health Applied Nutrition Course”, and he has conducted more than 200 seminars.

我们在2011年主办了以公众为对象的营养学入门讲习课-“营养学,轻松学”。讲习课的宗旨是提供大众一个学习营养学知识的入门管道,进而提升健康与生活素质。这个入门讲习课分为4个系列,深入浅出的与公众分享不同的课题。这个讲习课的课程导师是Mr. Stanley Too。Mr Stanley Too也是“加拿大Alive Academy of Natural Health应用营养学”文凭课程的导师, 所举办的演讲不下200场。


Basic Nutrition Tutorial Class 1 - Understanding Food and Nutrition Supplement (17th April 2011)
“营养学,轻松学”系列1-了解食物与营养辅助品的重要性 (2011年4月17日)



Basic Nutrition Tutorial Class 2 - Nutrition and Life Cycle (22nd May 2011)
“营养学,轻松学”系列2-了解生命周期所需的营养 (2011年5月22日)



Basic Nutrition Tutorial Class 3 -
Nutrition and Weight Management, Mental Health and Skin Disorders (10th Sep 2011)
“营养学,轻松学”系列3 - 营养与体重管理,心理健康与 皮肤疾病(2011年9月10日)


Basic Nutrition Tutorial Class 4 -
Nutrition and Chronic Disease Prevention (13th Nov 2011)

“营养学,轻松学”系列4 - 营养与慢性疾病预防(2011年11月13日)