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Salus-Liquid Calcium Magnesium Salus- 钙镁合剂溶液

Salus-Liquid Calcium Magnesium
Salus- 钙镁合剂溶液

RM 180.00

Product Description

Product Features:
  1. Safe daily dose.
  2. Synergy of nutrients, foods, and herbs for fewer side effects than individual ingredients.
  3. Soluble, organic forms of calcium and magnesium absorb easily regardless of age, gender, stomach acid, nutrition or hormones.
  4. Correct balance of calcium and magnesium to facilitate bone strength and help prevent calcium deposits in soft tissue.
  5. Free of preservatives, artificial colours and sweeteners, GMO ingredients, pesticide residues, radiation and heavy metals.
  6. Added with Zinc citrate and active form of vitamin D.
Health benefits:
  1. Strengthen bone and teeth.
  2. Prevention of osteoporosis and preserve peak bone density.
  3. Relieve PMS.
  4. Relieve leg cramps.
  5. Helps in blood clotting.
  6. Helps to have a better sleep.
calcium gluconate, calcium lactate, magnesium gluconate, magnesium citrate, zinc citrate, vitamin D, aqeueous extracts of roselle, chamomile, fennel, spinach, fructose syrup, mango juice, orange juice, purified water, natural flavor and locust seed flour.
Direction for use:
  1. Adult dosage: 30 ml daily.
  2. Can be taken with or without food. Maybe mixed with juice or water.
  3. For best results take before bedtime.
  4. Keep refrigerated at all times after opening and consume within 4 weeks.
Net Weight:500ml
Country Origin: Germany
Price: RM 180.00 (*Including 6% GST)
  1. 剂量安全可靠。
  2. 营养素、食物及草药的整合作用。比起使用单一钙质成分,所产生的副作用,要少得多。
  3. 以能够溶解的有机形式组合,不管男女老幼、胃液分泌量多寡、营养或荷尔蒙的状况如何,都很容易被人体吸收。
  4. 钙镁的正确平衡比率,能够强化骨骼及防止软骨组织出现钙沉淀。
  5. 不含防腐剂、人工色素、人工甜味剂、基因改造成分、杀虫剂、辐射、重金属。
  6. 含柠檬酸锌和活化维生素D。
  1. 加强骨骼和牙齿
  2. 防止骨骼流失,提升骨骼的密度。
  3. 有助于减轻经前期综合症。
  4. 舒缓双脚肌肉抽筋。
  5. 帮助血液凝固。
  6. 帮助改善睡眠。
  1. 成人剂量:每天30ml。
  2. 空腹或餐后皆可服用,可混合果菜汁或净水。
  3. 要达致最佳效果,可在睡前服用。
  4. 开瓶后必须冷藏,同时在4个星期内服完。
价钱:RM 180.00 (*Including 6% GST)