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Salus-Floradix Liquid Iron Salus-草本铁质合剂

Salus-Floradix Liquid Iron

RM 169.80

Product Description

Product Features:
  1. A highly soluble compound and special iron-fed yeast, combined with vitamin Bs & C to provide the highest possible absorption rate.
  2. Easy-to-digest liquid solution: Allows for more contact with absorption sites and provides approximately 98% absorption.
  3. Safe dosage, it is safe for long-term supplementation as it does not encourage the storage of excess iron.
  4. Added digestive herb.
  5. No harmful additives, artificial color and preservative.
  6. Winner of 12 Alive Award of Excellence. On the market over 60 years.
Health benefits:
  1. Helps to prevent iron deficiency and anemia.
  2. Helps to form red blood cells.
  3. Helps to facilitate oxygen transportation.
  4. Helps to optimum fertility.
  5. Helps to ensure proper placenta development at conception.
 Ferrous gluconate, vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12, aqueous extracts of carrot, nettle wort, spinach, quitch roots, fennel, ocean kelp, african mallow blossom, juices of pear, black grape, black currant, orange, blackberry, cherry, red beet, honey, rosehip extract, wheat germ extract, yeast extract, maltodextrin, purified water, ascorbid acid (vitamin C)
Direction for use:
  1. Adult dosage: 10 ml twice daily before meal.
  2. Keep refrigerated at all times after opening and consume within 4 weeks.
Net Weight:500ml
Country Origin: Germany
  1. 高度水溶性铁化合物及特殊有机铁酵母菌,含有维生素B和C,以达致最高吸收率。
  2. 容易消化的液状配方,和人体消化道全面接触,达致98%吸收率。
  3. 安全剂量,没有副作用,也不会导致人体累积过量的铁。
  4. 草本配方,帮助消化和减少胀气。
  5. 不含有害添加剂、色素、防腐剂。
  6. 荣获12面Alive杰出奖奖牌,以有超过60年历史。
  1. 避免贫血。
  2. 帮助制造红血球。
  3. 帮助促进氧气的运输。
  4. 帮助提高生育能力。
  5. 确保胎盘在受孕时完整的形成。
  1. 成人剂量:10ml,每天两次,餐前服用。
  2. 开瓶后必须冷藏,同时在4个星期内服完。