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Vigor & Health Brown Job's Tears Powder</BR>健康活力天然红薏仁粉

Vigor & Health Brown Job's Tears Powder

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Product Description
Product Features
  • Brown Job's Tears Powder is formulated with Chinese Yam and wheat fiber to provide health benefits.
  • It is highly valued for its nutritional properties. It is rich in protein, fatty acids and dietary fiber.
  • Coixenolide in brown job's tears is part of a beauty remedy to keep skin young and supple.
  • Brown Job's Tear Powder can be easily absorbed by the body and is an ideal health food for young and old.
  • Ideal for vegetarians and for menopause women.
  • Job's Tears and Chinese Yam (Brown Job's Tears, Job's Tears and Chinese Yam),
  • Maltodextrin, Glucose,
  • Soybean (Non-GMO),
  • Wheat Fiber and Vitamin E (Antioxidants).
Direction for use 1. 1-3 servings daily is recommended. It is good for everyone in your family as breakfast, snack or supper.
2. Mix 125-150 cc of warm-hot (about 70-90⁰C) water with 25 g of Brown Job's Tears Powder until smooth. It can be also added in milk, yogurt, soybean milk, oat milk or energy soup. Mixing ratio can be changed according to your own preference.
Net Weight 500g
Country Origin Taiwan


  • 特选台湾省产红薏仁,并特别添加山药与小麦纤维。
  • 红薏仁又称“糙薏仁",含有更多的蛋白质、脂肪酸与膳食纤维,其中薏仁酯为女性养颜美容保养圣品。
  • 经滚筒干燥方式制造而成,使大分子转换为小分子,更易于人体吸收。
  • 山药含天然植物性营养,能促进人体新陈代谢,调整体质,吃出美丽与健康。
  • 小麦纤维帮助维持消化道体能,是排便顺畅。
  • 全素可用。
  • 薏仁山药(红薏仁、白薏仁、山药)、
  • 麦芽糊精、
  • 葡萄糖、
  • 大豆(非基因改造)、
  • 小麦纤维、
  • 维生素E(抗氧化剂)。
食用说明 每日建议使用1-3次,适合全家大小作为早餐、宵夜、点心。
每次25公克天然红薏仁粉, 冲泡约125-150cc温热开水(约70-90⁰C),亦可添加于牛奶、优酪乳、豆浆、燕麦奶或精力汤等饮料中,搅拌均匀即可食用,可依个人喜好调整添加量。
净重 500公克
原产地 台湾
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