Natural Blue 100% ORGANIC Nutritious Multigrain Powder</br>有机3高活力多榖奶

    Natural Blue 100% ORGANIC Nutritious Multigrain Powder

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    Product Description

    Product Features Specially selected organically cultivated grains and process in a way that completely retain the original flavor of the grains, and have the best taste and nutrition. 100% organic certified by Taiwan Tse-Xin Organic and halal certified product and ingredients. It is a perfect choice for your family from children to elderly. High calcium, fiber and protein.
    • Suitable for children and teenagers
    • Nutrient supply for elderly & boost energy level
    • Those who are lactose intolerant
    • Out-eaters
    • Nutrient supply for prenatal & postnatal women
    • Vegetarian
    • Organic Soybean (Non-GMO) (USA, Canada)
    • Organic Brown Rice (Taiwan)
    • Organic Care Sugar (Brazil)
    • Organic Black Sesame (Bolivia, Mexico, Sri Lanka, China)
    • Organic Rye (Finland)
    • Organic Black Soybean (China)
    • Organic Black Glutinous Rice (Taiwan)
    • Organic Seaweed Calcium (England)
    Serving suggestion
    • 1. Add 3 tablespoons (approx. 30g) into a cup. Add 160-180cc warm-hot water (70-90°c), mix well and enjoy it.
    • It can also be added with fresh milk or soymilk.
    • The mixing ratio may be adjusted according to individual preferences. It is an ideal choice for breakfast, supper, and nutritional support.
    • Add 1-2 tablespoons (approx. 10-20ml) of Udo’s 3.6.9 Oil Blend for essential fatty acids (EFAs), the best combination.
    Net Weight 850g
    Country origin Taiwan



    产品特色 特别精选有机栽培,营养价值高的谷物,以滚轮干燥方式制成,完整保留谷物原味,口感与营养最佳。高钙,高纤维,高蛋白质
    • 小孩,青少年成长发育
    • 老年人营养补给,增强体力
    • 对牛奶乳糖过敏或腹泻者
    • 外食族,担心水果蔬菜摄取不足
    • 产前,后妇女营养补充
    • 全素食者
    • 有机黄豆(非基因改造)(美国, 加拿大)
    • 有机糙米(台湾)
    • 有机砂糖(巴西)
    • 有机黑芝麻(玻利维亚, 墨西哥, 斯里兰卡,  中国)
    • 有机黑麦(芬兰)
    • 有机黑豆(中国)
    • 有机黑糯米(台湾)
    • 有机海藻钙(英国)
    食用说明 1.将本产品3大匙(约30公克)置入于杯中,冲入160-180cc之温热开水(70-90°C),经搅拌后,即可食用。
    4.加入约1-2汤匙 (10-20ml) Udo Oil 3.6.9油 (必须脂肪酸辅助品) 最佳搭配。
    净重 850公克
    原产地 台湾