BNC Pure Black Sesame Powder </br>純黑芝麻粉

    BNC Pure Black Sesame Powder

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    Product Description

    Product Features 
    • BNC 100% pure black sesame power is fully zero additive. We use the "steaming" method instead of the traditional high temperature roasting method. Perhaps the powder has less of the aroma of roasted sesame and convenience of instant brewing, but we preserve the original nutrients and pure aroma taste into powder form. BNC persists in giving the best nutrients for you and your family.
    • The "steaming" processing method used by BNC is adopted from ancient practice. The steps include wash and drip-dry > steaming > low temperature drying > grinding into powder. Through research and development experience, we found out that the nutrient content of the sesame power produced by this method is the highest. The process of steaming is time and labor consuming and high in production cost. However, this can maintain the high quality of the product, its warm-nature and nice aroma, making it suitable for people of all ages. For infants who are undergoing growth stage, this will be their additive food; at the same time it is the best food and drink for elderly and rehabilitee.
    • Non-GMO
    • No Additives and Artificial Colourings
    • No Sugar/Egg/Milk
    • No Preservatives and Flavourings
    • Vegan
    Ingredients Black sesame
    Direction for use 1. 1-3 servings per day. 100% Pure Black Sesame Powder is good for everyone in your family as breakfast or as a snack. This is a natural food to increase your body energy.
    2. 100% Pure Black Sesame Powder can be mixed with ice, cool, warm and hot water or add in milk, yoghurt, soybean milk, oat milk according to personal preference.
    3. 100% Pure Black Sesame Powder can also be added in salad, five-grain rice, porridge, noodles or for baking cookies.
    Net Weight 450g
    Country Origin Taiwan


    • BNC 生产的100%纯黑芝麻粉,完全无添加,是以[蒸]来取代传统高温炒熟的制作方式,或许少了些烘焙的香气,和冲泡时即溶的便利,但为您充份保存食用谷粉最初始的营养和应有的浓纯与清香。
    • BNC [蒸]的制程,经水洗滴干->蒸煮熟化->低温干燥->研磨成粉制作出的谷粉,营养价值最好。蒸煮独特制程,耗时费工,制作成本高,却最能保有谷粉产品的原质原味,性温味醇,老少皆宜。适合于小孩成长期间添加食用,同时是长者滋补养生及康复者调养食用的绝佳食品。
    成分 黑芝麻。
    食用说明 1. 每日建议食用1-3次,适合全家大小作为早餐,夜宵,点心补充体力的天然营养食品。
    2. 建议每次约20公克黑芝麻粉,添加与牛奶,燕麦奶,豆浆或精力汤等饮品中,搅拌均匀即可食用。
    净重 450公克
    原产地 台湾