Udo’s Choice Udo’s 3.6.9 Oil Blend (Udo Oil)</br>吴铎3.6.9混合脂肪宝

    Udo’s Choice Udo’s 3.6.9 Oil Blend (Udo Oil)

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    Product Description

    Product Features Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) are vital for our body to function. 

    ALA (Omega 3) and LA (Omega 6) named “essential” because they cannot be produced by our body and must be taken from our daily diet. ALA and LA are the “parents” because they can be converted to all other omega 3 (EPA and DHA) and omega 6 (GLA derivatives.

    Who needs Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs)?:
    • Foetus/Infant – for brain development and major structural components of brain tissue (33.3% of brain fat is EFA).
    • Children/Adolescents – the source of energy, enhance learning capability and concentration, reduce anxiety related to academics, and improve symptoms like sleep disturbances.
    • Female – for hormone regulation, alleviate premenstrual syndrome (PMS) such as emotional changes, help to retain moisture and prevent dry skin and increase metabolism and fat burning. It also reduces the symptoms of hot flushes for menopause women.
    • Pregnant mother – critical for normal development of placenta and foetus in early pregnancy. In later stages of gestation, EFAs are necessary for brain and retinal development. It also reduces the risk of postpartum depression.
    • Middle age/elderly – reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol, triglycerides, and improve HDL (good) cholesterol.  It also lessens rheumatoid arthritis symptoms.
    Udo’s 3•6•9 Oil Blend is an award-winning foundational oil that provides both essential fatty acids, Omega 3 and Omega 6, in the ratio of 2:1. It is made exclusively with 100% sustainable, organic, non-GMO, plant-based ingredients.

    The production of Udo’s 3•6•9 Oil Blend begins with careful selection of raw materials from organic flax, sesame, and sunflower seeds, as well as organic coconut, evening primrose, rice bran, and oat bran oil. It is suitable for vegetarians.

    To maximize the stability, nutritional value, and freshness, the seeds are pressed with the gentle mechanical pressing method (without refining, bleaching and deodorizing) in low heat, light, and oxygen-free environment.

    Free from refining, bleaching, and deodorization processes, thus with shorter shelf life but free from damaging molecules.
    • Flaxseed oil
    • Sunflower seed oil
    • Sesame seed oil
    • Virgin coconut oil
    • Evening primrose seed oil
    • Soy lecithin
    • Rice bran oil
    • Oat bran oil
    • Mixed tocopherols
    Storage Must be refrigerated at all times (Unopened/Opened)!  Once open, finish it within 8 weeks and refrigerated at all times.
    Serving suggestion
    • Drizzle on a salad or mix with food or nutritional cereal drink. 
    • Add 1-2 tablespoons (approx. 10-20ml) of Udo’s 3.6.9 Oil Blend for essential fatty acids (EFAs) to a cup of Natural Blue Organic Multigrain Powder
    Net Weight 500ml
    Country origin Canada


    产品特色 必需脂肪酸是身体的正常运作所需。必需脂肪酸是人体无法自行制造的脂肪,所以其来源必须直接从食物中摄取。因此,这些脂肪酸被冠上“必需”之名。α-亚麻酸(ALA Omega 3)和亚油酸(LA Omega 6)自所以是基础是因为其摄取可转换为其它的omega 3 (EPA & DHA) 和 omega 6 (GLA)。

    • 胎儿/婴儿 – 促进脑部发育。必需脂肪酸是大脑构造的主要成分(33.3%大脑脂肪是必需脂肪酸)。
    • 儿童/青少年 – 提供精力和能量。提高学习能力,注意力,记忆力和学术成绩。
    • 女性 – 调节荷尔蒙。暖和经前综合症如抑郁,紧张,焦虑,腹胀和乳房胀痛。帮助皮肤锁水及预防皮肤干燥。促进新陈代谢和脂肪燃烧。
    • 怀孕妇女 – 必需脂肪酸有助于胎盘和胎儿的正常发育。降低产后忧郁的风险。
    • 更年期女性 – 改善皮肤干燥问题和减少潮热的症状。
    • 中年/老年 – 降低坏胆固醇(LDL),三酸甘油脂及提高好胆固醇(HDL)。舒缓关节炎。
    Udo’s 3•6•9 油是个荣获多个奖项的基础油,为人体提供2:1比例的 omega 3 (ALA) 和 omega 6 (LA) 必需脂肪酸︒它是由100%可持续性︑有机︑非转基因的植物成分所制成的。

    没有经过精炼, 漂泊, 除臭的油虽然保质期较短, 却是不含破坏分子的油。以低温, 无光线, 无氧气的压榨法来确保油的稳定性, 新鲜度及营养价值。
    • 亚麻籽油
    • 葵花籽油
    • 芝麻油
    • 初榨椰油
    • 月见草油
    • 大豆卵磷脂
    • 米糠油
    • 燕麦胚芽油
    • 混合生育酚
    • 凉拌沙拉或任何食物。加入宝宝蔬菜粥,可提食材原味。
    • 加入约1-2汤匙 (10-20ml) Udo Oil 3.6.9油 (必须脂肪酸辅助品) 到有机活力3高多谷奶为最佳搭配。
    储存方法 任何时候(开与未开瓶)必须储存在冰箱!开后,请在8周内饮完。
    净重 500毫升
    原产地 加拿大