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Organic Spring Molasses Ginger Tea</br>有机泉黑糖姜母茶

Organic Spring Molasses Ginger Tea

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Product Description
Product Features
FREEZED-DRIED instant old ginger tea
1. Eliminates excess gas
2. Relieves menstrual cramps
3. Post-natal confinement & improves blood circulation
4. Warms the body
5. Cures diarrhea and blocked nose
6.  Great cure at onset of flu
Warm Stomach, Cold Hands and Feet, Improve Circulation, Energy Level and Childbirth
Ingredients Aged Ginger, Molasses, Brown Sugar
Direction for use 1. Mix with 250cc boiled water
2. Can be added to mung bean soup, red bean soup, milk tea, soybean curd, milk or sweet potato dessert, etc.
Net Weight 15g  x 12sachet
Country Origin Taiwan


1. 古法熬煮真空冷冻干燥萃取。
2. 消除胃胀气。
3. 缓解经痛。
4. 用于产后、改善血液循环。
5. 暖胃、益气、祛寒的功效。
6. 感冒、止咳化痰、解毒等。
成分 精选上等老姜,糖蜜,黑糖
食用方法 1. 以250cc热开水冲调即可饮用,可依个人习惯自行增减。
2. 可调制成姜味绿豆汤,红豆汤,豆花,豆浆,番薯汤,奶茶等。
净重 15公克X 12包
原产地 台湾
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