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Shangi-Camellia Oil<br> 祥记苦茶油/茶仔油

Shangi-Camellia Oil

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Product Description
Product Features Camellia oil is rich in polyphenols, protein, minerals and vitamins. 
Goodness of Camellia Oil:
  • Natural and potent moisturizer for hair and skin
  • Must-use as cooking oil for women during confinement
  • External application to reduce inflammation
  • Leaving no grease in the kitchen
Shangi uses camellia seeds from remote mountains that are not polluted. Seeds are naturally dried under the sun. Shangi camellia oil contains various minerals, nutrients, and antioxidant e.g. saponin. It is not easily oxidized and more stable, making its quality and nutrient comparable to olive oil.
  • Natural camellia seeds
Direction for use Frying, cooking, stir-frying, cold dressing, deep-frying, baking, stewing, or even drinking neat. (Smoking point is as high as 220°c)
Net Weight 250ml
Country Origin Taiwan


  • 严选深山无污染的山茶花籽为原料。
  • 不使用化学萃取制油法,而是以传统方法,低温烘焙,压榨出第一道顶级的茶仔油。
  • 含有天然营养素、茶皂醇、茶多酚及多种矿物元素和最天然的抗氧化剂,油质不易有氧化现象,稳定不易变质,可与顶级的橄榄油媲美。
  • 含有85%以上不饱和脂肪酸,不含反式脂肪酸,食用后让身体健康无负担。
  • 保证100%纯度,绝无添加其他油脂及人工添加剂,不焦黄,油质清澈,色泽金黄透明,油而不腻,风味独特,烹调食物最佳选择的食用油。
  • 天然山茶花籽(苦茶籽)
食用方法 干饮、拌菜、煎、煮、炒、炖、四季皆宜,风味绝佳。
净重 250 ml
原产地 台湾
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