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therabio-Junior Biofloral JBF-5 小孩有益菌

therabio-Junior Biofloral JBF-5 小孩有益菌

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Product Description
Product Features Taking a probiotic to maintain a healthy population of the good micro-friends throughout the gastrointestinal immune system tract is essential because they confer lots of health benefits to your child such as strengthening the integrity of gut barrier, suppressing the overgrowth of bad intestinal bacteria that may later induce infections or illnesses, improving intestinal environment, aiding in digestion, promoting healthy bowel movement, relieving intestinal discomforts, as well supporting healthy immune functions.

Junior BioFloral 5 is formulated from orange juice powder and added with selected human-strain probiotics from well reowned laboratories from Korea. These strains have gone through stringent clinical studies. JBF-5 also contains the new class of prebiotics, GOS. 

Total probiotic count during manufacturing:
5 strains, 20 Bllion viable CFU per serving

#No Sweetener or Additives
  • Orange juice powder
  • GOS
  • Inulin
  • Bifidobacterium bifidum [BGN4]
  • Bifidobacterium lactis [AD011]
  • Bifidobacterium longum [BORI]
  • Lacto acidophilus [AD031]
  • Lacto casei [IBS041]
Direction for use Mix 1 sachet with room temperature water, milk or beverage and consume soon after mixing. Best to be taken before or during meal.

For maintainance purpose, 1-2 sachets a day.

Due to the natural properties of the ingredients, its color flavor and sweetness may vary slightly for every batch.
Net Weight 30sachet x 2.5g
Product of Korea
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