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Vigor & Health Natural Rock Salt</BR>健康活力手採天然山盐

Vigor & Health Natural Rock Salt

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Product Description
Product Features
From the Pollution-free High Mountains of Nakhon Ratchasima in North Thailand
• 100% NATURAL
• Pollutant-free
• No added chemical anti-caking agents
• No Bleaching agents & Chemicals
• Hand Mined Natural Rock Salt
• Technical technology cooperation from Japan and Belgium
• Vacuum sterilization at 120°C, evaporation and then crystallization method of separation and purification of salt to provide hygienic table salt.
• >99.9% dissolved Na+ and Cl- ion, NO impurities
• Culinary Uses: valued for its distinct flavour and is added to various recipes across all cultures
• Promotes Oral Health: Regular gargling help alleviate mouth sores, bleeding gums, ulcers, and the pain of sore throats

Ingredients Rock salt (NaCI: >99.9% dry basis) and wheat fiber.

Allergen information: Contains wheat.
Direction for use  
Net Weight 600g
Country Origin Thailand


1. 引进欧洲尖端开发科技,开采至纯净无污染的喜马拉雅山脉优质盐矿。
2. 纯度高(NaCI>99.9%)、水分低(H2O<0.4%):采自优质岩盐矿脉无沉淀物。不同于一般纯度约70-80%的岩盐,易含有高量重金属等杂质问题。
3. 经真空120℃高温杀菌,高温蒸发结晶工程,卫生、洁净,可替代一般精盐添加于料理中使用,共享健康美味。
4. 本产品无添加抗结块剂,以小麦纤维防止假性结块现象。
5. 品质符合台湾CNS4056-N5125食盐之国家标准与卫生署食盐卫生表准。
成分 岩盐(氯化纳99.9%以上干基),小麦纤维

净重 600g
原产地 泰国

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