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Organic Spring Black Bean Stew Sauce</BR>有机泉黑豆老鹵汁

Organic Spring Black Bean Stew Sauce

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Product Description
Product Features
1. Naturally sunshine brewed sauce which is fermented for at least 120 days using Non-GMO Black Beans.
2. Use it to bring an authentic taste to your marinade, sauce-mix, stir fry or steaming.
3. GLUTEN-FREE, suitable for those with gluten allergy & vegetarians.
4. No Preservatives, MSG, Saccharin or Colorings
5. Vegetarian
  • Black Soybean (Non-GMO),
  • Water ,
  • Sea Salt,
  • Sugar,
  • Glutinous Rice,
  • Yeast Extract,
  • Plain Caramel.
Direction for use: Best as marinade & sauce-mix, or use to cook, fry, stew, steam or pickle to enhance food flavour.
For stew ratio: sauce:water is 1:6.

*Sedimentation is normal. Refrigerate after opening.
Net Weight 400 ± 10ml
Country origin Taiwan

1. 古法酿造日晒发酵,纯酿。
2. 非基因改造,不含麦麸,不含防腐剂。
3. 不含味精,糖精,与人工色素。
4. 提升食材特色与料理风味,为健康美味调味酱之上品。
5. 全素可用。
  • 黑豆(非基改)、
  • 水、
  • 海盐、
  • 糖、
  • 糯米、
  • 酵母抽出物、
  • 普通焦糖。
食用说明 约煮约香,只要加水稀释1:6倍即可煮出一锅可口卤味。

净重 400 ± 10毫升
原产地 台湾
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