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Shangi Plum Syrup, 600ml</br>祥记梅子漿,600ml

Shangi Plum Syrup, 600ml

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Product Description
Product Features
Shangi’s premium plum is 100% manually prepared. Our unique taste supports the objectives of supreme quality and health lifestyle. It takes more than 365days to ferment greenages to get the best quality plum’s products.
Ingredients Seedless zuisu plum, Taiwan Green Plum, Sugar, Perilla, Sea salt, Maltose, Brown sugar, Water.
Direction for use 1. Shangi’s Plum Syrup with perilla plum pulps is quite thick so that you can dilute with 7 or 8 times of cold or hot water or go with other juice.
2. Make energy soup with Plum Syrup to increase digestion and boots the enzyme in your body.
3. Stewing food with Plum Syrup prevents food from souring.
4. Substitute Plum Syrup for high-calorie mayonnaise in salad dressings or use Plum Syrup as sweet and sour source to cook.
5. Toss vegetables with Plum Syrup to make the tastier.
6. Mix Plum Syrup with miso, sesame butter, olive oil, dark soy sauce and wasabi to be a different sauce.
Net Weight 600ml
Country Origin Taiwan 


成分 紫蘇梅(去籽),台湾青梅,蔗糖,紫蘇葉,海盐,麦芽糖,红糖,水。
*不含乳糖。 制造过程中,可含面筋和大豆的残留。
食用说明 1. 打精力汤加梅籽浆可助消化,又能提高酵素。
2. 滷菜,滷味加梅子浆,食物不易酸化。
3. 用梅子浆凉拌蔬菜味道可口。
4. 梅子浆可代替高热量的美奶滋作生菜沙拉酱,亦可当糖醋酱来烹调食物。
5. 梅子酱可冲泡成饮料,热或冷饮都可。
净重 600毫升
原产地 台湾
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