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FMD-FLORA GSE 430MG, 30'S [EXP 2024.12.28] BUY 1 FOC 1 SPECIAL OFFER *while stock lasts

FMD-FLORA GSE 430MG, 30'S [EXP 2024.12.28] BUY 1 FOC 1 SPECIAL OFFER *while stock lasts

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Product Description
Product Features 1. Dr Masquelier’s OPC:
-The process of manufacturing this nutrient is highly specialized and the resulting pure, potent, biologically active beneficial product is worlds apart from “grape seed extract” which is an undefined material.
- Has undergone extensive clinical testing which demonstrates its extraordinary health benefits.
-Proven in multiple dozens of clinical studies to confer specific health benefits.
-100% bioavailalable, more readily absorbed at a cellular level and active and totally non-toxic.
-They are absorbed and distributed within mins of ingestion and remain in the body for approximately 3 days.
-The French Ministry of Health approves the use of Masquelier’s Original OPCs in 3 prescription drugs to treat vascular health.
2. Unique blend of OPC, bilberry and cranberry, provide additional health benefits.
Health Benefits:
1. Superior antioxidant to reduce free radical damage
2. Lower LDL cholesterol and reduce platelet aggregation, thus reducing risk of cardiovascular disease.
3. Enhances the ability of collagen to repair itself, reduces skin aging and loss of elasticity.
4. Improves eye sight & blood circulation. 
5. Reduces discomfort associated with PMS and menopause
6. Blocks the release of histamine, relieving allergies.
7.Helps treat urinary tract infections
8. Relieves varicose veins.
9. Inhibits swelling and inflammation
Ingredients Masquelier’s Authentic OPC Complex, Bilberry, Cranberry powder (packaged in 100% vegetarian capsules)
Serving Suggestion Take 1 – 3 capsules twice daily before meals.
Take with fruit or fruit juice for maximum absorption.
Drink plenty of water throughout the day.
Keep out of reach of children.
Net Weight 430 mg X 30 capsules
Country Origin Canada


产品特色 1. 杰克.马斯圭理尔医生的寡聚前花青素(OPC):
2. 增添山桑子与蔓越莓粉末,给与您额外的健康益处。
成分 杰克医生OPC,桑子精华粉末,蔓越莓粉末(用100%素食胶囊装载)
食用说明 1.每日1-2粒,每日两次。空腹或与水果、果汁一起服用。全日喝大量的清水。
净重 430 毫克 X 30粒。
原产地 加拿大
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