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SALUS BHB - Floradix Iron, 500ML </br>Salus 复合草本铁质

SALUS BHB - Floradix Iron, 500ML
Salus 复合草本铁质

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Product Description
Product Features Benefits of Iron:
  • It is a factor in red blood cell formation.
  • Iron is a component of hemoglobin in red blood cell which carry oxygen to all parts of the body.
  • Vitamin B12 aids in red blood cell production.
  • Vitamin C aids n iron absorption.
Floradix® Formula is a botanical beverage mix with fruit juices and herbal extracts, high in Iron, Vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12 and Vitamin C. Floradix® Formula has been around for more than 60 years.
  • Fruits preparation (pear juice concentrate
  • grape juice concentrate
  • black currant juice
  • aqueous rosehip extract
  • orange juice concentrate
  • blackberry juice concentrate
  • cherry juice concentrate)
  • herbal extracts (aqueous nettle leaf extract, aqueous couch grass root extract, aqueous fennel fruit extract, aqueous roselle flower extract)
  • botanical juice and extracts (aqueous carrot root extract, aqueous spinach leaf extract, aqueous ocean kelp extract, red beet juice concentrate, wheat germ extract)
  • honey
  • yeast extract
  • ferrous gluconate
  • vitamin C (ascorbic acid)
  • vitamin B2 (riboflavin sodium phosphate)
  • vitamin B1 (thiamin hydrochloride)
  • vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride)
  • vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin)
  • natural flavours.
Every 10ml contains:
  • Elemental Iron
  • (Iron gluconate) 7.5mg
  • Vitamin B1  0.8mg
  • Vitamin B2  0.9mg
  • Vitamin B6  0.4mg
  • Vitamin B12  0.6mcg
  • Vitamin C  10mg
*Note: This product is high in iron. Please consult the doctor if you have Thalassemia, Hemochromatosis, and Polycythemia Vera.
Serving Suggestion Consume 2 tablespoons straight or dilute with water.
Storage Keep refrigerated at all times after opening and consume within 4 weeks as no preservatives and artificial additives.
Net Weight 500ml
Made in Germany


产品特色 Floradix®Formula是一种复合草本饮料︒它含有果汁和草药提取物︑丰富的铁元素︑维生素B1︑B2︑B6︑B12和维生素C︒ Floradix®Formula 已有60多年的历史︒ Floradix特别适合女性, 素食主义者和生活活跃的族群。
  • 复合水果(浓缩梨汁,浓缩葡萄汁,黑加仑汁,玫瑰果提取物,浓缩橙汁,浓缩黑莓汁,浓缩樱桃汁)
  • 草药提取物(荨麻叶萃取液,茅根萃取液,茴香萃取液,洛神花萃取液)
  • 植物汁和提取物(胡萝卜萃取液,菠菜萃取液,海带萃取液,浓缩红甜菜根汁,小麦胚芽提取物)
  • 蜜糖
  • 酵母提取物
  • 葡萄糖酸亚铁
  • 维生素C
  • 维生素B2
  • 维生素 B1
  • 维生素B6
  • 维生素B12
  • 天然调味料
  • 铁: 7.5mg 
  • 维生素 B1: 0.8mg 
  • 维生素 B2: 0.9mg 
  • 维生素 B6: 0.4mg 
  • 维生素 B12: 0.6μg 
  • 维生素 C: 10mg 
  • 直接饮用2大匙或用水稀释
储存方法 开瓶后必须冷藏,同时在4个星期内服完。
净重 500毫升

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