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SALUS BHB -KINDERVITAL Multivitamin for Children </BR>童综合维生素复方

SALUS BHB -KINDERVITAL Multivitamin for Children

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Product Description

Product Features
1. Scientifically chosen and well balanced to ensure the optimal absorption and utilization of calcium and other nutrients.
2. The doses recommended are scientifically tested and measured, so it is safe for long term consumption.
3. Easy-to-digest liquid solution: Allows for maximum of absorption of nutrient and easily digested for the immature digestive system of a child.
4. Free of harmful additives or preservatives.
5. Natural food base: Made with carrots, wheat germ, chamomile, coriander fruits and plants high in mineral (watercress and spinach)
6. Contains mild digestive herbs to stimulate digestion and appetite.
7. pH balanced to ensure proper stomach acidity for maximum absorption.
Health benefits:
1. Helps to maximize peak bone density.
2. Provides immune system support.
3. Helps to maintain healthy gums, teeth, skin and blood vessels.
4. Helps in overall growth and development.
5. For chidlren who are picky eaters, mood swing, have food allergies, poor appetite & have frequent infection and flu.
Ingredients Aqueous herbal extract: carrot, aniseed, watercress, chamomile, peppermint leaves, wheat germ, coriander fruits, spinach.
Fruit juice concentrates: Orange, pear, malt extract from barley, maple syrup, honey, aqueous rosehip soft extract, calcium lactate, calcium gluconate, magnesium hydrogen phosphate, calcium phospinate, wheat germ extract, natural flavors, ascorbic acid, vitamin E, yeast extract,  nicotinamid, vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin B1, B2,B3, B6 , B12.
Serving Suggestion
  • Children 3-6 years old: 10 ml once daily. Half an hourbefore meal.
  • Children 7 years & above:10 ml twice daily. Half an hour before meal.
Storage Keep refrigerated at all times after opening and consume within 4 weeks as no preservatives and artificial additives.
Net Weight 250 ml
Country Origin Germany  


产品特色 1.利用科学验证筛选出来的均衡配方,确保钙质级其他营养物质能充分的被吸收及运用。
1. 有助于在青春期时达到骨头密度的高峰
2. 增强免疫力及抵抗病菌感染
3. 帮助儿童维持健康的牙龈,牙齿,皮肤和血管
4. 帮助儿童整体的成长和发育
5. 针对挑食, 情绪不稳定, 食物过敏和食欲不佳 的儿童
成分 水溶性萃取物取自:胡萝卜,八角,水芹,洋甘菊,薄荷叶,小麦胚芽,香菜果,菠菜
  • 3-6岁儿童:每天10毫升。饭前半小时。
  • 7岁及以上儿童:每天两次10毫升。饭前半小时。
储存方法 开瓶后必须冷藏,同时在4个星期内服完。
净重 500毫升
原产地 德国

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