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High Fiber Yam & Grains Porridge<br>马玉山高纤山药多谷粥 35g X 10sachets

High Fiber Yam & Grains Porridge
马玉山高纤山药多谷粥 35g X 10sachets

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Product Description
Product Features 1. Vegetarian
2. Savory Taste
3. Good source of dietary fiber & calcium
4. No preservative, artificial flavoring and colouring.
Direction for use Add 250-300ml boiled water to 1 sachet. Mix well, steep for 5 mins and ready to serve.
Net Weight 35g X 10sachets
Country Origin Taiwan


产品特色 1. 全素食
2. 香浓咸口味
3. 高纤, 高鈣 
4. 無人工色素
5. 無添加人工香料
6. 沖泡即食
食用说明 加入大约250-300ml沸水,搅拌均匀,5分钟后食用。
净重 35公克X 10包入
原产地 台湾
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