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Vigor & Health Hong Kong Style Almond Powder</br>健康活力港式杏仁茶(有机厨坊)

Vigor & Health Hong Kong Style Almond Powder

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Product Description
Product Features
  •  Made of selected Wild Sweet Chinese Almonds.
  • It provides health beneficial unsaturated fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, and protein.
  • Great to protect our LUNGS from environmental (air) pollutions 
  • It has a smooth texture, characteristic odor, and mild nutty flavor.
  • It is mixed with handmade brown crystal sugar.
  • Suitable for vegetarians.
  • Sweet Almond
  • Handmade Brown Crystal Sugar
Direction for use:
  • 1-3 serving per day. Hong Kong Style Almond Powder is good for everyone in your family as a breakfast, a snack or a supper
  • Mix 200-250ml of warm-hot (about 70-90⁰c) water with 2.5 tsp ( 30 grams) of Hong Kong Style Almond Powder. Mix until smooth, mixing ratio can be changed according to your own preference. It can be added in milk, soybean milk, oat milk, or energy soup.
  • It can be added in all kinds of desserts and can be served cold or hot
Net Weight 600g
Country Origin Taiwan


  • 精选中国天然南杏仁,精心研磨而成。
  • 杏仁含蛋白质、维生素、矿物质等以及丰富的不饱和脂肪酸,帮助人体健康。
  • 杏仁茶辅以手造冰糖调味,醇厚的杏香,微甜的口感。
  • 日常润喉,温补之用。女性养颜美容。
  • 為天然润喉圣品,保护我们的肺部免受环境(空气)污染 。
  • 全素可用。
  • 天然南杏
  • 手造红冰糖
  • 每日建议食用1-3次,是适合全家大小早餐,宵夜,点心或作为下午茶的天然美味饮品。
  • 每次约30公克港式杏仁茶,冲泡200-250c.c.热开水,可添加与牛奶,豆浆,燕麦奶或精力汤等饮品,脚板均匀即可食用,可依个人喜好调整添加量。
  • 可与港式杏仁茶,添加西米露,汤圆,芋泥,红豆,芝麻糊等,作为夏日凉品或冬季热补之用。
净重 600公克
原产地 台湾
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