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BNC-Pure Black Bean Powder,450g</br>BNC 纯青仁黑豆粉

BNC-Pure Black Bean Powder,450g
BNC 纯青仁黑豆粉

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Product Description
Product Features
  • Best choice for nutrition & beauty. Trans fat free and sugar free.
  • To assure the purifying of raw material, the washing and draining process is repeated twice after careful selection of each type of raw material.
  • Steaming – The raw material after washing and draining process will put in the steam cabinet to steam. This will bring out a mature flavor and special sweetness.
  • Freeze and dry – The freeze and dry processes used to preserved the product’s nutrition and freshness after steaming.
  • Low temperature grinding – The powder which goes through this process is easier to dissolve, mix, absorb and produces a stronger aroma as well.
Ingredients 100% Pure Black Bean Powder (China)
Direction for use 1. It can be mixed with ice, cool, warm and hot water or add in milk, yoghurt, soybean milk, oat milk according to personal preference.
2. It can also be added in salad, five-grain rice, porridge, noodles or for baking cookies.
Net Weight 450g
Country Origin Taiwan
  • 能量黑豆粉采用最古老传统的方法,我们坚持以独家特殊蒸煮熟化及常温干燥技术,来取代一般高温炒熟的方式,以达到营养不流失的效果。原料都经水滴干,蒸煮熟化,常温干燥,研磨成粉,糊化效果好,口感最佳,老少皆宜。
  • 100%非基因改造,纯有机黑豆。
  • 纯天然,无糖,素食者最佳日常营养来源。
成分 纯黑豆(青仁)(中国)
食用说明 1. 每日建议食用1-3次,适合全家大小作为早餐,夜宵,点心补充体力的天然营养食品。
2. 建议每次约20公克黑芝麻粉,添加与牛奶,燕麦奶,豆浆或精力汤等饮品中,搅拌均匀即可食用。
净重 450公克
原产地 台湾
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